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My journey began unexpectedly, after the birth of my son.  I remember the nurse in the Hospital saying “he’s going to be a difficult baby”, and she was right.  From the day we brought him home, our son was plagued with Acid Reflux, Skin Rashes, and Intestinal Distress.  The Pediatrician said that it was “just Colic”, but my “Mommy Gut” told me there was something wrong.

20121003_colorado_trip_card_3_594I had planned on taking a hiatus from my engineering career in the Tech industry until my son entered school, but returning to work was put on hold indefinitely.  A trip to a Pediatric Cardiologist revealed a heart arrhythmia of unknown origin, and he was developing neurological symptoms which disrupted his balance, coordination and speech.   Our 3 year old was steadily declining, yet a diagnosis eluded Pediatricians and Specialists.  We were told that nothing could be done, and we should take our son home for care and comfort.

Searching for answers I had my first “Aha!” moment.  A friend suggested that gluten could be the culprit.  I began calling family members and a relative explained that her son had some of the same symptoms when he was a baby.  She said he had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a genetic auto-immune disease.  Could something as simple as wheat cause so many health issues?  Could a simple dietary change heal my son?  I spent countless hours researching Celiac Disease, and Gluten Sensitivity and testing confirmed our suspicions.  I immediately removed wheat, rye, and barley from his diet and we began seeing improvement.

A move to the mountains became my Turning Point.  I was introduced to the non-profit Weston A. Price Foundation, and was mentored by Doctors, Real Food Chefs, Farmers, and Health Coaches.  I learned about preparing nutrient dense whole foods, and removed processed foods from our diet.   The results were truly dramatic, the health issues that had plagued my son from birth were now becoming a distant memory.  I wanted to help others, and my first step was a blog, sharing recipes and information geared to those with Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivities.  Through speaking engagements and Cooking Classes I quickly became known as the “Mommy on a Mission”.  Nutrition and educating others had become my passion, and with the support of family and friends I returned to school to formalize my education.  As a Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, I now help guide others on their journey so that they may reach their Turning Point.

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  1. I found your website while doing a search for “coconut milk Twinkie filling.” 🙂 However, the link appears to be broken because I am unable to view it. Would you be able to post the recipe? Please and thank you!!!

    AnnMarie 🙂

  2. Hi Laura,

    I stumbled upon your site after searching for Cappello’s pasta. I know so few people who are grain free like me and I’m delighted to see your blog. I moved to Colorado just 2 months ago from Boston and found Cappello’s in a local store here. It’s so UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! My husband and I have had the gnocchi and the fettucini and now he is breathing down my neck to make lasagna, so we will call the stores that sell Cappello’s (listed on their website) and see if anyone carries it. And if not, we’ll order from them directly. I’m so glad you and your family stumbled upon this company and I’m just so grateful that Cappello’s exists and that they’ve managed to make such a terrific pasta substitute.



    • Cristina, I am certainly glad that we have also found the incredible Capello’s Pasta. The company seems to distribute to many places and farmers market in Colorado, so you should be able to find the Lasagna at one of the stores. I know that you are probably still learning your way around Colorado, so if you need help locating the Lasagna I am sure Capello’s would be happy to direct you to the location nearest to you. I’m working on a healthy and easy Lasagna recipe and should have that posted soon. My experience in Colorado was phenomenal, and I hope you and your husband enjoy being there. Once you learn the lay of the land I am sure you will find there are many more people who are grain free in the beautiful State of Colorado. Be Well and stay tuned for more recipes including those made with our favorite….Capello’s Pasta!

  3. Hi Laura,
    We love your blog and have found you very inspiring. We’ve included you on our blog roll and think you’re fantastic. Meredith + Margaret, Plate It Safe

  4. I am struggling with the new dietary limitations we are facing with my 4 year old son. Trying new recipes. He is not only sensitive to wheat, but also corn, potato, and a range of other foods. So, unfortunately at least for now “gluten free” isn’t always a go for him. Where do you conduct classes?

    • Michelle, you can receive the blog by clicking on the RSS Feed button at the top of the page. I also have a Facebook Page: Living Gluten and Grain Free. Welcome aboard, many changes all for the better are planned for 2014!

  5. My daughter just got diagnosed with Celuac disease as well as possible crohns, I am just needed some help on changing things for my daughter and any help would be appreciated! She is 17 and is having a difficult time!

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